Philippine’s music veteran Sharon Cuneta has comments over daughter’s, Frankie Pangilinan, bikini photos.

Frankie is one of the Mega star’s three children with Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan.

“Don’t show too much my Baba! Hahaha! But lookin’ good my baby! Miss you. I love you so much!”

Sharon Cuneta

Sharon said she misses her “baby,” as Frankie is known to have been living independently.

She uploaded her bikini photos on her Instagram account baring skin in a red bikini. See the photos below:

Frankie Pangilinan 2 Sexy Bikini Photos

Fankie, 18 years of age, just graduated from high school and celebrated in Boracay along with friends.

Ok lang may maganda katawan nman si Frankie bagay may chance pwede nga sya lumaban sa mga Beauty pageant… di nman malaswa tingnan..

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