Dad Dingdong Dantes uploads new photos of son, Baby Ziggy, along with Mom Marian Rivera. Check out the cute pictures here!

GMA-7 actor Dingdong Dantes posted new photos of his son Jose Sixto “Ziggy” Dantes IV, who will turn three months old this July, on Instagram along with Marian Rivera.

In one post, Dingdong, whose full name is Jose Sixto III, captions: “Sixto x Sixto”

Ziggy Dantes New Photos

Hi, Baby Ziggy Dantes!

Ziggy Dantes with Older Sister

2 Adorable New Photos of Baby Ziggy Dantes with Mom Marian and Dad Dingdong Dantes 2

Baby Ziggy is Dingdong and Marian’s second child. Marian gave birth to Ziggy on April 16, 2019.

Oh diba ang cucute at maganda at gwapo. Syempre, manang mana sa parents.


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